Nick & Betsy

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Wedding Update

To our Family and Friends,

We are writing with some updates for our wedding weekend which was scheduled for this coming Labor Day Weekend (9/6/20). We are saddened to say that we have decided to cancel our camp wedding weekend in light of COVID-19. Though this was a tough decision, we feel it was the best choice given the circumstances. We know many of you were planning to travel and stay at the camp with us and we did not want the stress and uneasiness of COVID to impact the weekend. The idea of sleeping in cabins together may feel like the last thing you want to imagine doing at this time. We want your hugs and to rip up the dance floor with you all so we are deciding to wait until June 2021 to have a celebration.

We still plan to get married this fall in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and are looking forward to a small and scenic ceremony with our families. Unfortunately, it did not work out to postpone at the camp but we have a new plan brewing!

We apologize to those who have already booked their travel arrangements to join us in September. Please let us know if we can help in any way on our end. We are excited to celebrate with you all when COVID (hopefully) is not hovering over us so closely.

Much love to you all!

Betsy and Nick

Our Story

Nick and Betsy met at a climbing gym in San Francisco while they were living in the Bay Area. As they both spent a lot of time there, Betsy started to notice a certain bearded fellow regularly cheering her on as she climbed. They began to chat more each time they went climbing and quickly became good friends. Nick told Betsy that he lived in a van which she concluded meant that he was homeless... even though he explained it was a choice and a lifestyle. It didn't take long for Betsy to embrace van life as Nick showed her some of his favorite spots throughout the West Coast. After months of friendship and adventuring together, it was clear that Nick and Betsy were a perfect fit and more than friends. Nick went from being a dude in a van to a dude in a tiny house as they moved to the East Bay together.

In 2018, they moved to Portland, Maine and have enjoyed continuing to build their life together and exploring a new state. They bought a house in Scarborough this past August and feel lucky to have the beach and beautiful trails at their fingertips. Life is good!